did you know that the first telephones were meant to ring in your livingroom or kitchen (wherever you placed it) and you would pick up the reciever (turn it on) and sit down and listen to news reports, current affairs, dramas, readings, etc. - virtually everything you would hear on a contemporary FM radio frequency?

did you know that approximately only 10% of the worlds population has their own private telephone, but that circa 90% have their own radio?

did you know that over 97% of radio is "heard" while seated in an automobile?

'standup' is radio FOR and FROM that 3 percent of radio that is heard on the streets, while cleaning your flat, while making dinner or eating your breakfast, etc. ....occuring 12 times a year (third thursday of each month, 10-11AM). Like the 97% of radio listened to on the go, 'standup' is produced FOR and FROM a different location each time, streamed live to FM on Radio Orange.