Source code:

  • readanysf~0.43.tar.gz 30.08.12 - Makefile adjustments for linking order.
  • readanysf~0.42.tar.gz 5.10.10 - Cosmetic adjustments for debian packaging.
  • readanysf~0.41.tar.gz 21.09.10 - Squashed bugs. One bug would crash pd if you opened a file before starting the dsp. A second bug would add a little click in audio if you stopped and then played file.
  • readanysf~0.40.tar.gz 19.07.10 - File leak fix. Re-worked the code so that it is more modular. Hooks are in place for video.
  • readanysf~0.36.tar.gz 21.05.09 - memory leak fix.
  • readanysf~0.35.tar.gz 21.05.09 - major bug fixes. new features for setting "tick" rate, or how often cache and length info are sent to output. "tick 1" sends the info every dsp cycle. "tick 100" sends it every 100.
  • readanysf~0.33.tar.gz 28.04.09 - major bug fixes. new features for setting the internal buffer size.
  • readanysf~0.20.tar.gz 27.10.08 - new (improved) multichannel version based on gavl/gmerlin_avdecode

Binary Packages:

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