A simple text editor for programming in supercollider under linux. Since I don't really want to re-invent the text editor, and it's still unsure what direction the linux GUI is headed anyway, features are minimal. At the moment the design is aimed to develop a simple, easy to use editor specifically for working with sound the way one would with supercollider. Keyboard commands are chosen so that you only need the left hand on the keyboard (as with blender 3D). What you do with your right hand is your own thing. Some people like to use it to guide the mouse.

Right now, it comes with saveable preferences and the ability to start both sclang and scsynth with the click of a button. You will need to start jack externally. Double clicking will also select brackets as on the mac version. It also comes with a Word-wrap toggle!

  • Control-l & Control-space will send either the highlighted text or the line to sclang
  • Control-f will search for a help file on the selected text. Same as with Apple-? on the mac version. However, this is useless at the moment since all the help files are rtf
  • Double click selects either a word or segments within braces - { }, [ ], or ( )

Add text highlighting for supercollider syntax.

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